Pnina Arieli, Certified Graphologist with over 30 years of experience



• Attended a training seminar in the USA of the examination of documents and forgeries instructed by Mr. Gary Herbertson, a former head of FBI forensic laboratory, about advanced techniques in locating various kinds of forgeries, locating writing underneath erasures and identifying different kinds of pens marking the document, and more.

• A member of NADE- National Association of Document Examiners.

• Attended personal training seminars at the USA instructed by NADE chairman in the practical examination of forged documents.

• Attended training seminars that took place during NADE conferences in the USA for professional document examiners in 2009, 2010, 2014.

• Graduate of Expert Witnesses Course of the Israeli Institute for Experts Opinion, 2004.

• Underwent training for experienced graphologists in the area of evaluating forgery and handwriting comparison, by Mrs. Patricia Siegel, Chairman of American Society of Professional Graphologists (2001)

A certified graphologist of the Israeli Scientific Graphology Association (1991)

• A certified graphologist of the A.A.H.A- American Association of Handwriting Analysts (1990).

• B.A in English literature studies and education at the Hebrew university.


  • I practice graphology for 30 years and manage the "Institute of Graphological Diagnosis"
  • Appointed as an expert witness by courthouses in Israel (more than 300 appointments). As well as that, employed as an expert consultant regarding handwriting comparisons and verification of signatures to lawyers, banks, companies and many others.
  • Much experienced with courtroom appearances as an expert witness in Magistrates and District courts all over Israel, in the fields of civil, criminal, family and labor law.
  • A lecturer about Forensic Graphology before bank managers and for all district chambers of the Israeli Bar Association,  
  • Gave a lecture at an international convention in Portland, USA, for document examiners about Forensic Graphology in Israel: The judicial system's policy and issues regarding Hebrew and Arabic letters. Also gave a lecture about Forensic Graphology to the Israel Scientific Graphology Association
  • Managed ;for several years; the internet forums about Forensic Graphology on "Mishpati" and "iLaw" sites.
  • Much experienced in comparison of Arabic handwriting/signatures.
  •  For over twenty years I have advised organizations and companies about the selection and hiring of personnel, both for the private sector and the public sector. 
  • For over 15 years, I have taught graphology in a course of three years, including preparation for the test that grants the diploma for the Society for Scientific Graphology (Israel), trained  internee graphologists as well as acting as an examiner for applicants to the diploma of a professional graphologist for the Society for Scientific Graphology (Israel)  .


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